Nothing adds more value to your EXISTING or proposed NEW Home than good design and quality building. We have extensive experience in ALL phases and types of home design, construction plans and the building process. At Larry R Barrow – Architect, we are committed to providing professional advice, consultation and assistance with your home needs and vision. We have over 20 years of experience and we bring quality and advice you can trust. We use the latest 3D Modeling (CAD) software to assist all stakeholders (owner, builder, and vendors) to “see” the design, construction systems and details in both 2D plans and 3D models. Please contact us for a free phone consultation at +1 850 287 3004 or email us at larry@larrybarrow.com
Our design work reflects an eclectic body of work that is representative of the diverse projects in which we have been privileged to participate. Each project is representative of their culture and climate context and our Clients concern and goal for aesthetics (style), performance (durability, conservation), constructability (materials and methods) schedule (time) and budget ($).
We encourage collaboration as early as possible in the design process with the Owner's Builder, We prefer to collaborate with the Owner's Builder and their Construction Team to gain as much input as possible during the design, planning and building permit process. Our goal is to meet the Client's aspirations for the project to include their budget goal ($). We use both 2D hand drawings and renderings as well as 3D CAD Modeling Software to assist with the visualization, presentation, digital renderings, construction plans and specifications process.Please contact us for a free phone consultation at +1 850 287 3004 or email us at larry@larrybarrow.com



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